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The Wooden Church of St Martin in Ćwiklice

In the village of Ćwiklice, in the district of Pless, one can find a Baroque, wooden church of Saint Martin the Bishop of Tours. The church is dated to the turn of the sixteenth century. It is a log cabin construction, which was later rebuilt and in the main part it houses late Baroque altars and a seventeenth-century polychromy, as well as a particularly valuable, Gothic triptych in the side chapel. The monument is part of the Wooden Architecture Trail of the Silesia province.

street Zawadzkiego 9
43-229 Ćwiklice
Pszczyna Region, Silesia
in the country
Contact data
: 32 211 21 94
General Information
: churches, wooden architecture, architectural monuments, sacred monuments, history sources
Prices & amenities
: admission free
: whole year

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